About us

Who we are
is a service of the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI), the national authority in Switzerland for patents, trade marks and designs.

Alongside their task of examining patents, a team of 45 experts carry out high-quality patent and technology searches for industry and patent attorneys. Our patent experts are engineers and scientists with degrees from all specialist fields, from biochemistry and physics to mechanics and material sciences.
In the more than 25 years of our existence, we have evolved to become the leading provider of patent searches in Switzerland. We operate worldwide and provide our services in German, English, French and Italian.

What we do
We provide patent and technology searches to satisfy the highest demands, entirely tailored to the needs of the customer. You decide the scope of the search, the depth of the analysis and the presentation of the results. If required, we also consult you during the search in order to refine the search strategy and the selection criteria. Ultimately, the customer always gets exactly what they need. We work transparently throughout the entire process; upon request, our customers can also assist with the search, either online or in our offices in Bern.

With our knowledge and professional search and analysis tools, we also carry out complex validity searches for IP rights and freedom to operate searches (FTO). We also provide every service need, from subject searches and patent landscape analyses to technology and legal status monitoring. The customer receives the search results individually prepared so that they can directly use them and base their decisions on them.

The amount of information available in patent documents is enormous – we are dedicated to helping companies use this knowledge for progress and innovation.

Under the section Why choose ip-search?, you can read more about what ensures the quality of ip-search. Please don't hesitate to contact us - we would be happy to provide you with more personalised information.